Cheap Motorcycle Action Camera

I wanted to mount the cheap Orskey Action Camera to the Front of my Motorcycle Helmet

Orskey Action Camera  on Amazon

Average to decent quality for the price.Good on-Screen Display.Easy to use.Takes at least 32Gig  SD card.Cam be used as Web-Cam.Colours can get a bit funky when converted from .avi files.Comes with Two batteries so you can get at least a couple of hours recording or more.

Does connect Via WiFi as well :)

Can also record whilst  attached to USB power-pack.

Using a cheap Loctite Glue Gun

Wilkos Loctite Glue Gun

 My Motorcycle helmet has an angle at the front that means I couldn't fit the,"Quick Release" plastic bracket flush.

So I put a blob of Glue from the Glue-Gun across the edge and the positioned the bracket central(But the glue set quick and I got it slightly off but it's ok) as if it were flush and flat.

Although this was actually quite a solid fix it left gaps front and back of the bracket and also wasn't as solid I thought it would need to be.

 So I packed the top half gap with some great stuff called,"Milliputon eBay" which is a 2 part epoxy putty.If you use this follow the instructions that come with it.It's dead easy to use but remember it needs it's surface to be wet and sticky so spit on it just before you use and make a sticky film on it.Once smoothed in and painted black you won't see it.

I got lazy with the bottom half and just used some more Glue from the Glue-Gun.


Now it was just a matter of finding a Bracket  Combo to hold the Camera

You should be able to use the above Ebay link if you need some brackets and of course there's more than one way of getting what you want good idea is to try and bid on one of the Mega cheap versions of these cameras as then you get all the brackets and a spare Camera that you can use as a charging box for spare batteries even on-the-move.

Here's how the finished job looks.


The Camera does not obscure my vision when riding and I can see the flashing light that shows me it's recording.

Here's a 1.9gig .avi file chopped down to 48-Meg using Handbrake Freeware Converter
Using it's Gmail setting after I chopped down the 1.9gig .avi file to a decent quality mp4 around 780 meg and dropped the wind noise a bit.

And here's the bigger Mp4 version(780 meg)

There may be some buffering because of the conversions that doesn't happen with the full .avi files.


The thumb screws can be replaced with 20mm M5 flat headed or Phillips bolts on eBay and nuts or use the nuts that came with the brackets so there's less sticking out and these can be tightened better IMHO making the position solid once set.

Sand all the shine of all the plastic hinges inside and out where they tighten.Roll up a bit of emery cloth and run it in-and-out for the insides.This prevents the hinges/brackets from slipping and gives a solid grip.

The Thumb-Grips have a Phillips head screw inside them.You can use a Phillips screwdriver to really tighten them once you have got your Camera angles/position set up.

Painting Tip.Get an Aerosol can of Black paint from Pound Stretcher/$0.99 cent shop.Spray some into the Aerosol Plastic top until you have a small amount in it enough to dip a small paint brush,pencil brush into it.This can be used to paint the Milliput or whatever other adhesive you may have used.Also good for Bike touch-ups on Motorcycle frames etc.

Sound Tip:The clicking/wind and distortion sounds are because at speed the Phone's Mic gets overloaded.To prevent this I've stuck a small thin piece of foam rubber over the Mic slot .I've also found there are some small vent type holes underneath the camera that have to be blocked to reduce noise if not using the Waterproof Casing.

I didn't find the 1080p 30 fps setting any better than the 720 60 fps and because I'm using it  @ speed  I wanted the best frame rate.It can get artifacts when there's a lot in the frame like the trees,especially @ speed and the detail is never going to be a,"Go-Pro" quality.

You have to be careful with the 2nd side button as it switches the sound off.