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 Basics(Oil,Tyres,Coolant,Plugs etc)      


Carb Balancing  

Carbs2 | Carb Float Setting   

 Starting Problems   Electrical/Charging testing |  In Bike Mechanical Seal Replacement

Dressing Tappets  |   Engine Noise Diagnostics    

  Removing the Carbs Alternate page   | Google CG/GL Help Pages 

Electric Fan Conversion

 LED Bulbs

Most of the information on these pages relates to the CX500s but may also apply to the GL500s and the CX 650s but allow for their differences(Get a Manual)

                               Use this Parts Fiche to Check your model and get part numbers(UK andEurope)


There are two basic 500cc(496cc/50 Bhp) engines used.The earlier CDI ignition type (CDI) and the later Transistor Ignition(TI GL models) type.You can use a TI type engine in a CX500 CDI bike easily by taking using the rear cover and the Starter Rotor off the CDI engine and putting them in place of the ones on the TI engine.This means you don't have to change the wiring harness and fit the TI Ignitor units.The 650s use a thermostatically controlled fan.I've converted my CX500 to one.It's not hard or expensive and well worth doing.

Note:when removing the rear case of a TI engine you must remove the Advance Pulsar plate at the back and MARK the position(See manual)


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